Inclusive Professions: Guide to Finding the Right Coach

Jo Larbie, 12th March 2020

IP Guide to Finding the right coach 2020…

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How Leadership Development Programmes Fail Black Women

Jo Larbie, 30th October 2018

October is Black History Month in the UK, and while many things are changing around us, when it comes to the advancement of black women in major organisations, little has changed.   Apart from a few - Karen Blackett (WPP), Sharon White (Ofcom), Kim Dero (London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham), the number of black women at the top of or in…

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Celebrating Black History Month UK – Foot prints in the snow

Jo Larbie, 25th October 2018

Do you enjoy learning from hearing people talking about their personal experience?   October is Black History Month in the UK.  Whilst Black History Month began in America, the celebration of black culture is something to be enjoyed worldwide. The experience of being black is different in every country. This post features the experiences of four very different but, inspiring black…

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How to be your best, more of the time

Jo Larbie, 11th June 2018

How much of your time would you say you’re functioning at your best when it comes to your personal life and professional performance?  If you calculated each as a percentage what would you say? 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40% 30%? I’ve never met anyone who said 100%.  Anything we can do that helps us to raise…

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1-2-1 Executive Coaching Tips

Jo Larbie, 1st June 2018

1-2-1 executive coaching is the most effective solution for advancing your career into senior and leadership roles. My coaching tips will help you to get the results that you desire. Set up and preparation Be clear on the context behind the reason for the coaching assignment. Understand the measures by which the coaching assignment will be considered as…

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Ten tips to help you navigate and survive your organisation’s politics

Jo Larbie, 21st May 2018

Why is being politically savvy important to advancing your career? In any organisation, being politically savvy means that you can work with other people and get things done with minimum fuss or experiencing unnecessary issues with your colleagues, line manager or senior leaders. Political mistakes range from: Saying the wrong thing, either because of ignorance or because you just could…

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Self-awareness: Your social identity

Jo Larbie, 7th May 2018

We all make assumptions about our own identity and that of others.  Unfortunately, when we work together, assumptions are often treated as reality.  These assumptions influence our beliefs about how others think and their motives. Social identity comprises the parts of your identity that come from belonging to particular groups.  We use social identity to categorise people into groups, identify…

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