Welcome to Inclusive Professions

What we do

Hello, we are Jo Larbie and Shalini Sequeira, executive coaches specialising in inclusion.

Many organisations struggle to retain women and black and ethnic minority professionals from mid-career levels and beyond. Despite the progress made over recent years, women and black and ethnic minority professionals are significantly underrepresented in senior and leadership roles – both face similar issues and challenges in achieving senior and leadership roles.

Increased confidence, focus, competence and greater commitment from women and BAME professionals at mid-career levels and beyond in your organisation are just some of the benefits identified by people we coach.

“As a black woman Jo knows how hard and challenging it can be in certain workspaces if you are not – white, middle class, male, been to private school. She has been working a long time to try to change this – way before it was as hot topic as it is today.”   TH, director UK

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