Executive Coaching Services

Our consultative approach

To create lasting positive change in your business, Inclusive Professions offers executive coaching services designed to meet your organisation’s needs.

We consult with senior leaders to understand your culture and objectives.  Working together, we invest time to identify, design and implement an executive coaching programme which fits with other initiatives and programmes currently in place in order to ensure a cohesive and integrated approach.

Executive coaching

1-2-1 Executive coaching

1-2-1 executive coaching can help talented women and BAME professionals create the change they want and the results that they aspire to.

Goals, aims and measures of success are agreed in advance with the organisation, the Coachee and the Coach
These sessions typically occur on a monthly basis lasting no more than 2 hours, driven by the coachee in terms of focus, issue and desired outcomes.
These sessions will be supported by telephone, email and informal meetings as required.
Typically coaching assignments are for a period of 6-12 months.

Group Coaching

Women and BAME professionals face similar issues and challenges in achieving and succeeding in senior and leadership roles therefore positive results can be are achieved by working together as a group.

Group sessions give participants the opportunity to discuss the challenges they are facing   as they progress in their careers, in particular to:

Share experiences, strategies and successes including ways to build their personal profiles and reputations.
Learn from each other, to become more resilient, effective, motivated and productive.
Become a strong, collaborative support network within your organisation.

If you’re interested in executive coaching, you can book an exploratory 15 minute conversation with us. Click here