Inclusive Professions’ Success Stories

The lack of senior black and ethnic minorities in senior positions is an on-going concern.  At least once a week, someone will say to us “we really would like to employ more senior black and ethnic minority professionals but, we can’t find them.”  The fact is, black and ethnicity minority talent exists – it just needs to be found.  Through these Success Stories, we want to recognise senior back and ethnic minority professionals (working in private, public and third sectors), by telling their stories and celebrating their achievements, and to show that the talent and roles models are out there.

Giving more visibility to senior BAME role models is also important in showing and inspiring BAME professionals making their way up the career ladder.

We hope you enjoy these Success Stories.

Acosia Nyanin, Chief Nurse, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Jitesh Patel, CEO, Peldon Rose