Benefits for participants

“Diversity is being invited to the party.  Inclusion is being asked to dance.”(Verna Myers)

Clarity and career progression

“Jo manages to combine direct and thought provoking discussions with diplomacy, impartiality and somehow still ensures the conversation is personally focused. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo’s professionalism and capability.”
CB, Managing Director, West Midlands Region

Develop your personal strategy

Through executive coaching you will build a personal strategy to manage your career progression.  This includes becoming clearer about your choices, goals and priorities, resulting in increased focus and confidence.

A support network

Talking to and working with other women and BAME professionals is both enlightening and liberating.  Sharing stories, ideas and solutions with others in a similar situation is powerful and career-enhancing.  Once established a strong network can continue to provide on-going support to sustain new behaviours.  Just as important, it can be invaluable in tough times.

A powerful support network is inspirational for you and your colleagues, as well as  women and BAME professionals further down the career ladder who may be wondering  where their careers are going.

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